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Duke Caboom's Big Jump - Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 is one of Pixar’s newest cinematic masterpieces, I’d say. It’s filled with adventure, rebellion, suspense, youthful innocence, the dream that toys can come alive, a love story, and, the best of all, a Canadian daredevil. Duke Caboom is one of the most charming, slightly egotistical, and ironically comical characters the movie has to offer.  He's also a little self-deprecating but it makes for the big scene at the end of the movie I'll be analyzing. On a mission to save Bonnie, the toys' owner, and Forky, the newest member of the toy family, Duke Caboom takes a big risk and makes a big jump off the arm of a Ferris wheel. In the scene, he hops off the center axis of the Ferris wheel on his bike, landing on one of the upward-moving arms. He then goes as fast as he can, reaching the end of the higher elevated platform and lifting himself off at the last second. The target he is aiming for is below him, though, making it a little easier to reach. According to t

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