Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Moral Question

Since the creation of the atomic bomb, the world has seen many other developments fall into place when it comes to international relations and warfare. The atomic bomb opened the door to a new level of weapons to be used around the world. The United Nations was formed for peacekeeping soon after which was extremely necessary. The power big, developed countries would hold after gaining access to such weapons became astronomical, and something needed to keep them in check. One major issue this caused was a security war between countries. A security war is when one country builds up arms and appears threatening to another country, so that country also building up arms. This goes back and forth until it crumbles, posing many economic and social issues. This is evident in the 45-year long Cold War. Both sides were spending large amounts of money and there was mass hysteria among all citizens. It broke down the structure of both societies for several years, and the bombs weren't even used. This shows the dangerous capabilities these weapons hold, no matter who's hands they are in. While the development of weapons of mass destruction may have allowed us to make many advancements across different fields internationally, I don't think it is worth the risk of life and safety.


  1. Having professed interests in Political Science, I would have expected a more detailed and nuanced post from you on this topic.


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